Summer Camp

Do you want to have another perspective to your child's summer camp? If yes, then spare a minute and read below...

Gone are the days when summer camps were merely a time engaging endeavor with clichéd topics like Personality Development, Time Management, Crash course on Robotics, Drawing or Crafts. Taking a leaf out of this, we at Singhania Shaping Therapies believe it’s extremely important that a child should learn a life skill which is considered as one of the most important trait in this ever-changing world – “Inclusion”. Inclusion is the new Normal….

In this modern age world children are witnessing various behavioral patterns from their peers. This can be in school, residential places, tuition centers, malls or any public place of interest or engagement.

Conditions like Autism, Learning Disabilities or ADHD to name a few are on rampant rise. We at Singhania Shaping Therapies believe that children of all age groups and diversity should learn how-to live-in harmony and understand special needs. This will create a real sense of inclusion within them, and they will learn how to be aware, accept and respect children coming from special needs section.

We need to make children understand that mere EMPATHY will not work. Awareness, Acceptance and Moving together will only decide the social fabric in coming times as they will have to live life with them and around them. The understanding of this very important topic will not only make their schooling a wholesome experience but will also help them in future during their college years, at workplaces and in all their relationships.

We all need to take a step ahead to learn inclusion other than gender, caste or creed which has been discussed for years. Learning inclusion of special needs individual will create a very dignified and harmonious environment thereby giving a chance to everyone to thrive and prosper.

These six days, two hours a day workshop will include children from all sections of the society to know who special need individuals are. How to interact and create inclusiveness? How to learn from their peers and give back their individual abilities to help them to prosper?

Let’s remember camps are only not about learning but also about sharing, learning and giving.

So give your child a chance to enjoy an enriching experience on how to identify and socialize with children from various backgrounds through role plays, self-do activities and peer to peer learning under the guidance of psychologists, occupational and speech therapists.

At the end of the camp, we will have a detailed meet of all parents to give them one-on-one feedback of all the takeaways and learning’s plus gives them a clear understanding on how to get their children ready to accept the reality which is ignored at times.

Venue –
Shaping Therapies, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School

Age Group –
4 yrs to 7 yrs
7 yrs to 10 yrs
10 yrs to 13 yrs
13yrs to 16 yrs

Batch 1: 2 nd May to 8 th May
Batch 2: 9 th May to 15 th May

Time – 10am to 12pm

Fees – Rs. 1800/- for 6 days

What's different about the Singhania Shaping Therapies Summer Camp?

  • Never has a Summer camp ever happened with INCLUSION as its theme
  • It is headed by a team of Psychologist, Occupational, Speech and Behavioral Therapist
  • Your child just does not engage in extracurricular activities but is also taught activities for his/her daily living

What will children learn in this Summer Camp?

  • Children will learn Waiting, Sitting and Frustration Tolerance, which most schools have a complain about while being in the class room setup.
  • They will learn how to communicate socially and how to be a good listener
  • Simulated tasks like Restaurant, Birthday Party, Jungle Safari, Market Place, Turn taking will take place to give them an idea of real life situations
  • Safety awareness activities which are home and environment based
  • IADL - Instrumental activities of daily living which they do every day to take care of themselves and their home

These and many more things will be shared along with an experience of being with individuals who have limitations of different kinds who will be a part of the team

Children will learn to empathize, support, and collaborate with other children of different and special abilities

It's time our children become more sensitive towards the needs and wants of society and work towards it as they will have to live in harmony with many challenging situations like these which are pragmatic in life