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It is a common misconception that a physiotherapy or physical exercise is reserved for sportsmen and sportswomen. On the contrary, and more often than not, this branch of healthcare system addresses the mobility issues of common people. It is a science and art, accomplished under strict supervision by trained professionals. At Shaping Therapies, we have some of the finest physiotherapists to help individuals suffering from physical and motor function problems.

So, what are the reasons for mobility issues?

The reasons are varied. Physical limitations can develop because of an injury, disease (birth or event based), chronic illness and ageing. Some of the underrated and ignored causes include overweight and environmental effects. Physiotherapists typically determine the underlying reason and then design a treatment plan accordingly.

Physiotherapy is not just about movement of various parts of the body. It is also about pain management, balance and motor functions. Basically, it addresses day to day actions of human beings. Shaping Therapies, best Physiotherapy centre in Thane and Powai makes sure that the affected individual is up and moving on his/her own as quickly as possible and thereby lives a quality life, and that too without another human intervention or patronage.

Our approach to this medical issue is developed in-house and perfected over the years through innovative techniques and modern principles.

  • Our physiotherapists read your medical history, understands your physical issues and then creates a detailed report based on these facts.
  • Based on the above, the therapist then diagnoses the intensity and the root cause.
  • A customized treatment plan is developed to help you manage pain, physical and motor functions. Goals are put in place and time lines are created. The idea is to help such individuals get back on their feet over a definite period.
  • Long term plans include "At Home" exercises and assistive equipment or gadgets to remove even the smallest physical challenge.

Shaping Therapies at Thane is an integrated Physiotherapy centre that addresses mobility issues across all age groups and causes. We make sure that you lead a fulfilling and independent life, and continue to do so even after the treatment is over. This is achieved through our "Patient-centric" long term management plan.

We rank as "Best Physiotherapy centre in Thane, Mumbai." Why?

We use a very advanced health approach to assessment. Our method enables us to identify the conventional, cognitive, and anatomical, as well as tissue, of the body's drawback spots. This study determines the precise origin of the discomfort and goes above MRIs and X-rays. As a result, our experts can make an exact evaluation and begin a specific course of therapy. Therefore, it is considered that our conservative treatment usually is the most effective for treating mechanical spine and joint disorders.

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