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At the very onset let us clarify that Remedial Education is not about children with "Special Needs". Kids belonging to this category do not lack intellectual ability. The problem is their inability to grasp language, numerals, classroom culture such as reading and writing which leads to academic gap between them and other students. In short, to achieve academic equilibrium affected students must perform in all the three areas, viz. reading, writing and arithmetic.

Many children often struggle in one or more areas. Best remedial education is all about spotting the deficiency, and then addressing the same with a complementing program; to overcome the said hurdle.

Incidentally, remedial education is also known as compensatory education or learning upgrade. Shaping Therapies provides an intuitive platform for such children. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, and their analytical thought process, we negate their academic performance issues with the right set of tools and mechanisms.

Shaping Therapies, one of the Remedial Education centre in Thane and Powai

Our Remedial education centre in Thane and Powai offer trained remedial educationists who assess affected students, and based on their findings develop an appropriate program. Depending on the intensity of the issue our specialist / therapist gradually reduces the "Learning Benchmark" disparity; typically, between the enrolled child and other students.

Our one-on-one programs are highly customized. For students it translates into a joyful and stress-free experience. It simply means an ambience where a child does not face unwanted criticism or comparison. Interestingly, students with learning issues do not shy away from hard work. They tend to put in the same number of hours, the same focus, but due to their inability to grasp a particular concept vis-Ã -vis language or arithmetic, they lag behind. Our remedial solution helps students overcome such stumble blocks by improving their skills and also their confidence to confront these academic challenges.

The objective of our remedial education centre in Thane and Powai is absolutely clear; to enhance the learning skills of pupils who fall short in the academic arena through one-on-one interaction using, and exploring scientific methods to negotiate this hurdle. At Shaping Therapies, we strive hard to reduce the academic gap between the affected child and others and even bring them at par.

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