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At Shaping Therapies, we strongly believe that every individual has its own set of strengths and weaknesses which allows him / her to follow a life / career path that compliments these personality traits. However, genetics, lifestyle, injury, disability, illness, substance abuse or pre-natal / post natal complications can derail the said person from achieving targeted goals.

Shaping Therapies, Occupational therapy centre in Thane and Powai, help children, adults and older folks (geriatrics) with scientifically proven techniques to overcome hurdles such as performing day to day chores, socializing / playing with friends or learning difficulties. Our therapists’ help individuals develop a positive attitude and also get involved in daily activities with confidence.

Incidentally, Occupational therapy is a subset of healthcare system which addresses physical, sensory or cognitive problems. Unfortunately, and as mentioned above, these issues are not limited to any particular age group. Therefore, the treatment also varies from person to person. Shaping Therapies, through its innovative therapeutic strategies, trains these individuals to cope up with emotional, social and physical limitations.

We not only make sure that the concerned or affected person recovers from these adversities, but also maintain the same quality of life for a long time. Our Occupational therapy centre in Thane and Powai, through certified and experienced occupational therapists evaluate, diagnose, narrow down the root cause and then plan an appropriate strategy, exploiting everyday activities, exercises and relevant therapeutic systems to achieve the desired goals.

While geriatric occupational therapy typically looks after older folks with age and illness related issues, child Occupational Therapy caters to sensory integration, proprioceptive and vestibular needs. Delayed physical and mental development in children has become quite rampant these days, and Shaping Therapies has vowed to rectify these medical stumble blocks via path-breaking, enjoyable, affordable and stress free plans. We are one of the best occupational therapy centers in Thane and Powai.

Shaping Therapies is one of the best ABA Therapy Centre in Thane and Powai. We have the best team of ABA Therapist at our centre.

So, whether you are looking to improve fine gross motor skills for the elderly or seeking developmental solution for your child, call us for a free one-on-one confidential chat.

Best Occupational Therapy center in Thane and Powai. With the assistance of Shaping Therapies impossible becomes possible.

The physiological, cognitive, sociological, and contextual needs of the person are the responsibility of occupational therapist. Our occupational therapy may have a profound effect on a person’s life by fostering their sense of independence and self-worth. Children with physical, mental, and emotional problems are treated in our occupational therapy centers, which is based in Thane and POWAI, Mumbai.

  • Occupational therapy has a beneficial impact on wellness and tranquilly.
  • Occupational therapy establishes framework and manages time.
  • Occupational therapy gives life purpose on a communal and personal level.

Why Shaping Therapies is the finest place for Occupational Therapy?

Shaping Therapies is the leading occupational therapy facility in Thane and Powai and is very competent. We offer occupational therapy that have an excellent outcomes depending on the condition. We also employ highly qualified occupational therapists who assist individuals in resolving their problems in a way that promotes development. Therefore, we advise you to select the top Occupational therapy centre in Thane and Powai, and get the answer to your inquiry about Occupational therapy near to me.



Occupational therapy: what is it?

Practitioners of occupational therapy are medical specialists who support people in living as fully and independently as they can. They specialize in assisting people who are ill, disabled, or have developmental disabilities to acquire the skills they need to function in daily life. Occupational therapy intervention focuses on activities that can be as simple as dressing and eating or as complicated as interacting with others and holding down a job. Shaping Therapies is well-known Occupational therapy centre in Thane and Powai, with a mission to improve society and country at large.

What kinds of ailments do occupational therapists typically treat?

Occupational therapists are professionals in treating functional issues that may be connected to specific diseases or symptoms rather than treating certain conditions per se. An occupational therapist can assist you if your functioning abilities have changed in any way.

An occupational therapist has the ability to diagnose?

No, it is not within the province of an occupational therapist to make any form of diagnostic. With your permission, an occupational therapist can pinpoint a patient's trouble spots and communicate them with the doctor.