On your earnest request for a session on "HANDLING BEHAVIORS IN CHILDREN". We have organized an in-depth conversational discussion with our Chief Therapist Dr. Manjiri Dandekar. On this Sunday, 22nd of January, 10.30am to 11.30am at Shaping Therapies, Thane.

We will address your doubts about :

  • Why Children behave in a certain manner
  • What are the techniques and tricks to handle them?

The attendance fee for one Parent is Rs. 250 and both parents are Rs. 400. If both parents are coming, we have arranged a caretaker at the Centre to look after your child. Only 25 parents in total for which 16 have already registered.

Kindly call to Register on :
9867610659 or 02240368442

Handling Expectations of an Adolescent

Singhania Schools have started a beautiful program called as "Soulful Saturday and Sunday

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We believe School is a village and must educate the communities in it. Parents need support in understanding and in addressing expectations, and issues that are a part of our lives while growing up.

Our Soulful Saturday and Sunday will be open sessions with parents and experts in the field.

Our first Soulful Saturday session is on 11th February 2023, only for the first 50 registered parents.

The 1.5 hour interactive session will include sharing of techniques to empower parents, to assist them in mitigating behavioural challenges in a composed manner without losing their sleep or temper.

It will help them to communicate their expectations and to promote their understanding of behaviours projected by an Adolescent. This session of Soulful Saturday will assist parents to interact with other parents that have children of a similar age where they can openly discuss their challenges, learn from others, build a social group to assist each other and relax knowing that they are not alone in this parenting journey.