Vision, Mission & Our Values


Shaping Therapies vision is really simple - " to offer world class treatment which becomes a benchmark for others, both nationally and internationally. " It is this insanely childlike yet holistic aspiration which is driving our current expansion goals, and we are sure the same will continue to push us further in the future.

Our dream is to offer therapy services which are accessible, valuable and improve the quality of lives of the affected individuals.


We at Shaping Therapies aspire to offer freedom from physical, sensory and cognitive adversities by exploiting supreme therapy principles. It simply means, making the entire treatment process transparent, humane and people friendly.

We care for children, adults and older folks with special needs, along with their peers and parents.

Our Values

Our commitment to affected individuals is reflected in our highly modern multi sensory centre, intuitive programs for physical exercises and massages to prevent expensive surgeries / operative measures.

Shaping Therapies’ promises to remain accountable and transparent, easing some of the psychological burden of peers and parents.