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Each human being is distinct, and therefore develops into a person with distinct scores in terms of talent, will power, IQ level and a plethora of attributes. Over a period of time individuals reflect unique personality traits, and react differently to different physical, cognitive or behavioral environments.

However, those who fail miserably on these fronts send out a clear signal that they need help. Incidentally, such shortcomings are termed psychological disorders which can seriously hamper in performing day-to-day functions. The real cause/s for psychological disorders is still a mystery, but over the years science has narrowed down some of them which influence its manifestation. These are -

  • Imbalance in brain's neurotransmitters, a natural chemical and a communication span
  • Extremely difficult childhood.
  • Genetic transfer
  • Long term illnesses or chronic suffering.
  • Extreme antepartum events.
  • Medicines, substance abuse and stress.

Shaping Therapies is one of best psychological assessment/Counselling centre in Thane and Powai

Even today these disorders carry a tag of "taboo" which prolongs the ordeal of the sufferer. A quick psychological assessment can not only ease some of the difficulties quickly but also provide solution which can last a life time, thereby improving the overall quality of life. Post assessments a series of scientifically designed plan/s are put into action to improve personal and interpersonal functioning. Interestingly, our combination of therapy techniques gradually eases these short comings, replacing it with improved physical, cognitive and emotional scores.

Shaping Therapies is recognized as one of the best Psychological Counselling, Psychological Assessment and IQ Testing Centre in Thane and Powai, adheres to stringent steps to tackle psychological disorders which begin with preliminary tests.

  • At the very onset, we look out for indicators which point towards a particular disorder. It is only when we recognize this problem or its existence, we initiate step two.
  • Once the shortcoming is recognized we then evaluate relevant symptoms to gauge the intensity and the risk of further development. Post diagnoses step three is put into action.
  • Treatment includes a bouquet of options such as Psychotherapy, Behavioral Modification Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

At Shaping Therapies, we believe that psychological assessment is not just about recognizing the problem; it is also about realizing the underlying cause. Get in touch today. A delay can simply cause unbearable suffering to your dear one.



What exactly is Psychological therapy?

Psychologists assist individuals of all ages lead brighter, healthier, and more fruitful lives via psychotherapy. Counselors use techniques that have been approved by evidence in Counselling to assist clients in creating better, more productive routines. People can solve their difficulties using a variety of psychotherapy techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral, interactional, and etc. Shaping Therapies is one of the best Psychological Counselling, Psychological Assessment and IQ Testing Centre in Thane and Powai.

What should I anticipate from the evaluation?

We have experts that thoroughly investigate the situation before offering you the finest care. A complete detail report concerning your child will be provided to you after the assessment.

How early can we initiate?

Within the first week of your interaction with us, we want to get you on the schedule and in our facility. We are eager to start working with you right away!