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Speech / communication disorder can affect individuals from all age groups. It is a medical shortcoming that prevents such entities from communicating effectively, and the reason for this could be speech or language disorder. Our trained and certified Speech therapists' address these stumble blocks effectively, depending on the type of medical condition.

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Typical speech therapy steps include - consultation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan, post-treatment management and Counselling. As mentioned above, speech disorder can affect children, adults and even older folks although their reasons vary. Children are typically born with these shortcomings while adults can suffer from this malady due to accident/s and / or chronic ailments. Geriatric speech disorders typically occur due to complementing illnesses such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke and associated memory-retention issues.

Speech impairment can either be "Language" related or delivery / communication related. While the former prevents individuals from conveying information effectively, the latter makes it difficult to deliver the same in a coherent manner.

Shaping Therapies, one of the leading speech therapy centers in Thane and Powai, identifies the underlying cause and then address the issue with an equilibrating restitution plan. Speech related issues are not just restricted to abnormal brain development or neurological condition; it could also be because the affected person cannot interpret the language or its commands. This is typically referred as Aphasia.

Yet another speech impairment cause is the inability to control the muscles associated with speech. It can result in slurring and slow delivery of words. Often called as Dysarthria, it demands a different plan of action.

Our speech therapy plans exploit a range of innovative platforms and tools. These include but not limited to -

  • Memory and speech problem-solving exercises.
  • Breathing workouts for enhanced vocal resonance.
  • Exercises to strengthen muscles vital to speech and delivery mechanism.
  • Electronic resources such as eBooks, speech therapy apps to improve phonetic and voice quality.

If your loved one is ailing from speech issues, we strongly suggest you get in touch with Shaping Therapies is one of the best speech therapy center in Thane and Powai today.

We help individuals improve cognitive communication and conversational skills. We are second to none when it comes to speech therapy centers in Mumbai and Thane.

Speech Therapy. You can easily speak your mind out with the assistance of Shaping Therapies.

Here, at Shaping Therapies, individuals are typically addressed by our Speech and Language Pathologists for a variety of speech cognitive impairment, difficulties with word pronunciation, stutter or stammer, problems with amplitude and clarity of speech, issues with tone, having a limited knowledge of words and their meaning, struggle to string words altogether and use pronunciation in an improper or inappropriate manner.

Why we are the top Speech Therapy centre in Thane and Powai?

When speech delay is initially diagnosed, each individual will get tailored speech treatment. For individuals who have been recognized with speech impairment, there are a variety of speech therapies available, and the type of speech therapy each person needs depends on the magnitude, length, and reason of the pause. We also have state-of-the-art technology and professional speech therapists available to address your concerns.

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What exactly is Speech Therapist?

Speech Language Pathologists help adults, teenagers, children, and toddlers who need help speaking or communicating appropriately. A Speech Therapist can conduct an assessment to determine a person's communication skills and any difficulties they may be having. They then create a therapeutic plan to help them recover.

What is the distinction between speech and language disorders?

Speech disorders affect how words sound as they leave our mouth. For example, not being able to pronounce certain consonants correctly (articulation difficulties). Language disorders are characterized by difficulties interpreting words or directions, as well as the use of inappropriate words or sentences. Shaping therapies is one of the Best Speech Therapy in Thane and Powai that can help you.

How can I tell whether my child requires therapy?

You are the most familiar with your child. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's development, please contact your health professional to request an evaluation.